1 - Plans for 2018

Turning over a new leaf.

I’m an Aries.
I have lots of abandoned projects. I’m quite good at coming up with new ideas. Creativity flows through my veins. Complete execution? Not so much. I don’t follow through till the end. Not if there are some obstacles I don’t want to tackle. I’d rather push it aside and come up with something else.
I know my flaws. Self-awareness has become second-to-nature for me.
In order to improve on anything, the first thing you must know is the let-downs. What are the disadvantages and how can you turn them into an advantage?

I read a lot. Anyone who reads different books has a variety of information streaming through his brain. That adds an intelligence flavor to his character/personality.
I also write. It comes naturally for me.
I’ve become an avid consumer of information. But, now I want to be the producer of content.

I’d like to think I’m great at this stuff, but maybe I’m just horrible.
The only way to find out is to follow through till the end.

No swear words. Anyone who’s spent time interacting with others will inadvertently begin cussing. For various reasons. People can be irritating. Cussing is an expression of anger.
Instead of using your fists, you use words.
But, cussing is an art. It can also be a form of entertainment. Ref: comedians.
If you do it right, it can be hilarious.
Yes. I’m going to become boring.

I’m going to self-inspirational. Relying on others to inspire you creates an unhealthy dependency.
I want to be independent.

I want to be good.
I met these kids who think I’m a really cool guy. I think they look up to me.
But I know my faults. Everyone can. Look inside you. Cut your chest open and peer inside. No. Don’t do that. Evaluate yourself. Critique yourself.
If you’re honest with yourself, you will see your own faults.
If you think you’re perfect, you’re not cheating the world, you’re cheating yourself.

A good leader is one who is elected by the people.
If you’re the best, people will come to you. You don’t need to go and reach out to them.
I want to be the best.

What else do I want? A lot of things actually. But my mind is so dull, I forget things.