2 - Am I single?

Obvious answer is obvious.

I visited someone’s house the other day and she said she doesn’t trust guys and they’re always in a relationship.
That’s funny.
When did it become mandatory for all men to be in a relationship?
All my internet friends are single, as far as I can tell.

The idea that you have to be in a relationship to be happy is ridiculous.
Happiness is within yourself. You have it. You own it. Instead of looking for it in someone else, seek it inside you.

The reality is, there is no happiness in this world. Only misery.
But, to appease everyone, let’s assume happiness exists.
How do you find it? What can you do to be happy?
Unless you have the knowledge, you can’t be happy.

There is no happiness in marriage or relationships.
You have to try it to learn it.
The idea of waking up next to someone sounds fantastic inside your head.
But the reality is different.
People are in love with an idea. It’s an illusion that is crushed when their partner kisses them one morning without brushing their teeth.

Relationships sound sweet in the beginning.
Give it a few months and you’ll get tired of each other.
When that happens, you’ll start noticing your partner’s faults instead.
After a while, your most memorable conversations will be the heated arguments about little things.
You’ll forget why you fell in love with this person.
Until you divorce/break up/separate.
Relationships create an unhealthy dependency after a while.
You get used to recieving certain things and become too lazy to do it yourself.
So after a few weeks or months of being single, you forget all the problems you had with the first one, and dive into another relationship.
You think it’s going to be better. But they’re all the same, essentially.
Ask any old married couple. If they’re honest, they’ll give it to you straight.

In order to understand relationships, you need to discover the key force behind them.
Why do people want to be in a relationship? Why do people get married? Why do married people cheat?
Is it love? Or is it lust?
There is no love in this world. Maybe the love a parent has for their child.
Other than that, it’s all lust.
People become attracted to one another not because of love, but lust.
Lust is the idea of love. Mark that as one of the wise things I said in 2017.
The scriptures state lust with the word kama. Lust doesn’t account only for the sexual purposes. People lust for money, fame, etc.
Now people may give the example of adorable couples, with cases where one of the partners is disabled or really ugly. Now that has to be love, doesn’t it?
To them, I say, try being the partner in that relationship. See how much you like it.

Humans are forgetful beings.
Even after one bad experience after another, they don’t give up. They don’t lose hope. They don’t learn.
It is not our fault. We have been wired this way. This is human nature. It seeks love, companionship and care. With the perfect person, it could be a blast. But with the wrong one, it’d be your worst nightmare.
So, tell me, where’s that perfect person?
They don’t exist.
You can have retrys and reruns of a billion relationship partners, and you still wouldn’t find the perfect one.
Your only hope is to find the best match and pray it turns out well this time.

Those who fail to get loved ones seek the companionship of animals.
That’s why a lot of people keep pets.
Instead of humans, you’ll have a smelly cat or pitbull sprawling across your bed.
And if you don’t feed them, they’ll eat your kids.
Or your rotten carcass in case you die and no one notices for weeks. Your hungry pitbull will munch on your bones.
So much for the love.

Ever noticed how fast people want to get rid of the body when someone dies?
If you died right now, your wife wouldn’t want to hang around your body after 3 hours. Let alone sleep the night in the same bed with you.
Is that love?
No. It’s lust. All superficial.
If you truly loved someone, you wouldn’t be terrified to sit in the same room with their corpse in the dark.

True love, they say, is about who you are inside.
But if they split your skin and looked inside, would they love the sight of your intestines?
You need to rise above the bodily platform to understand and be able to explain this.
And that turns into a spiritual topic. Which I won’t dive into.