Went to the temple.
Learned some basic evening services.
Usually I’m just the kirtana guy. But I got a call today. Asked me to go a bit earlier and help out.
Didn’t know the routine. So I watched. And I learned.
Now I’m pretty confident I can do it on my own.

Also sang Gaura aarti, Nrsimha aarti.
A nice prabhu gave me milk prasadam.
Thank you.
I feel so indebted every time these devotees give me some prasadam. Like who am I? A nobody. And I get to enjoy such delicious prasadam. I’m so lucky.

Had to counsel others about some disagreements.
Marriage. It’s tough. Not for everyone.
Here’s some free advice: Don’t get married to someone unless you’re sure you want it.
If you can’t deal with it, stay away.
Some people ask me, “When are you getting married? Why are you single?”
I’m single because I don’t want to get involved with some crazy bitch. That sound good enough for you?

“Oh my God! That’s so sexist! Misogynist!”
Shut the fuck up.
Here I am trying to counsel and advice a married couple and it’s so fucking stressful.
He hates her. She hates him.
Why did they even get married?

It’s tiring. My brain’s tired. I could talk about any topic for an hour and still feel fresh afterwards.
Spent 30 mins trying to talk sense to a woman and I gave up.

Know what the scriptures say about women? They’re less intelligent.
Are you going to call the scriptures misogynist too?

Facts. People can’t handle the facts.

Saw a link on my timeline about a young woman who scratched her eyeballs out after hallucinating from meth.
20 year old. Gouged her eyeballs out.
Saw her pics. Such a beautiful young girl.
Her mother has 7 children. That’s a lot of kids. There’s no mention of her father.
I can see what could’ve gone wrong.
Don’t do drugs, people. Stay away from drugs.
Don’t do it to look cool. Don’t do it to feel good.
When I see people vaping, I want to smack them.
Who came up with this vaping shit? I don’t know. It’s not cool. It’s not even macho. You wanna look cool, take a real cigar and pop it in your mouth. Good luck with the lung cancer.

So many people doing drugs, smoking weed and drinking alcohol.
It’s disgusting.
I feel sorry for these young women who fall prey to drugs. It consumes their lives. It ruins their families, relationships, education, careers; everything.

A lot of discussion and debate about the Florida school shooting. So many people crying about guns ownership and banning guns and so on. The Democrats I think, the left.
It’s America. Land of the free. Why do you want to ban guns? Guns kill people?
Saw a post on my timeline about some China stab attack in 2014. Some dude stabbed everyone at a train station. 27 died, over 100 injured.
I’ve discussed more about this in a story I did on the school shooting.
I can see the logic in people wanting to ban guns. Less guns means less shootings. Maybe. Or maybe you could ban guns and the nutjobs find another means of attack that could leave even more people dead, and, possibly escape without getting caught.
There is no way to stop a criminal mind. Crazy people are going to do crazy things. They’ll always find a loophole.
I saw discussion about arming some of the teachers who’d volunteer to be trained and help protect the students in case of future attacks. This sounds like a logical solution. If we can afford to have teachers shield students from bullets and die for them, we can afford to arm them and do a better job at it.
Someone suggested they should bump up the security like in airports. That’s a possible solution.
The government is wasting money all sorts of useless shit, how about they spend some money to protect the children?
I see all these kids on the news who survived the attack and they’re screeching like a bunch of idiots.
Shut up lady. Sit your emotional ass down and take a deep breath.
First they had some journalism kid who turned out to be the son of an FBI agent. That didn’t help with the conspiracy theorists so they brought some fat kids in. Then that bald lesbian blaming Trump for everything.
Why do these media outlets put these kids on the frontline for sensationalism?
They don’t have solutions. Ask them what solutions they have and they say that’s not their job. That doing anything is better than thoughts and prayers. Just do something goddamnit!
And the media’s like “Oh look! These teens are so smart! Smarter than our politicians!”
Just how smart could a bunch of high school kids be?
When I was a teenager, I was smart, but still dumb when I think about it now.
Politicians aren’t dumb. They’re just acting dumb. They know what’s going on. They know more than we do. They have access to the official reports and documents. All we have is a bunch of fake news media competing for views and ratings.