Today is Rama Navami; Appearance day of Lord Rama.

I haven’t been posting much online because of some changes.
A lot of changes, like I mentioned in my last blog.
However, I’m still hesitant to declare things until I’ve signed some official documents.

It’s time for responsibilities.
I spent quite some time actively participating in the temple programs and enjoying the leisure of not having a tiresome schedule.
Religion had a prime priority. Tech had a second priority.
I’m now introducing a third variable, which has led to some drastic changes both in my lifestyle and schedule.

My birthday’s coming up soon.
I’m reaching a milestone.
That’s triggered a series of events and activities to take me to the next level in life.

What I miss the most?
When you go to the temple regularly, do kirtanas, listen to lectures, read Srila Prabhupada’s books, you’re setting yourself on a trancendental platform.
Diving into the materialistic world full of karmis is a difficult transition.
And surviving there without adulteration, maintaining your position spiritually is no ordinary task.

Let’s see what fate has in store for me.