1 - The Logan Paul controversy

On 2nd Jan 2018, my friend officialcjunior mentioned Logan Paul on Mastodon. And I said something on the grounds of him being some dude whose content became trash after he gained a huge fanbase. And my friend said “what a loser”.
And I thought well, who cares? Meh.

I watch YouTube videos everyday.
Got especially hooked after some channels started making vine compilations.
I thought the people were funny. I admired their creativity.
When vine shut down, most of them created channels on YouTube and started uploading their content on it.
I followed some of them for a while. But have since stopped watching most of them.

I used to watch Logan Paul when he was still sharing the old apartment with Mark Dohner.
I also watched Bach vlogs, Amanda Cerny vlogs, Mark Dohner, George Janko, Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, Inanna Sarkis, Liza Koshy, TheGabbieShow, David Dobrik and his squad.
Then everyone started using sexy babes in provocative clothing in the thumbnail.
If they need views so badly, PornHub would be thrilled to have them.
Now I only watch Rudy, Anwar, Inanna and Jason Nash.

It’s a strange coincidence that I posted my 2017 in review and Self evaluation posts on this website last night.
After finishing my morning schedule I opened up YouTube as usual and the first videos I see are all about Logan Paul. I’ve watched 2 brief videos and learned that the man posted a Japan vlog with some dead guy in it.
Japan Suicide forest is infamous for the massive number of people who kill themselves there.

Now, there’s a lot I can talk about here.
First of all, let me just say that for the past few months, I’ve been hooked on tech related YouTube channels. MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans, Jonathan, Dave2D, etc.
I keep up with few others such as Casey Neistat, Sara Dietschy etc.
These are channels where I learn a lot of great stuff. And I’ve come to like the individuals and their personalities.
Sure, they’re doing this for money. But they have something of value to share with the world.
What do other viners and old YouTubers have to share? Nothing useful at all. They’re a waste of time. I’d rather post my own stuff instead of watching them.
Even Pewds, Nigahiga, Dtrix, Superwoman, Jenna Marbles, etc have lowered the standards of their content.
Which is why I hardly watch any of them now.

Money and fame can change a person. And not for the better.
That’s what’s happened to most of these YouTube stars and celebrities.
They gained popularity and a dedicated fanbase and became too comfortable.
People like Logan, Jake and his Team10 crew have nothing valuable to share. They’re simply vlogging their lives doing stupid pranks and wasting resources.
Remember that potty-mouthed punk teenager from Dr Phil’s show? She’s started a YouTube channel and has more views than most of the people who post valuable content.

It’s like a deadly outbreak. A dangerous virus which makes people mad for the fame and money. And they’re willing to do anything stupid for it.
There is no such thing as self-respect and decency for most of these people now.
They don’t care. They’re earning a lot of money. They have a lot of fans. And they’re selling t-shirts and cups with their names and faces on them. What else do they need?
Everyone’s selling merch now. This is no longer something of privilege.
The viewers aren’t any better. They enjoy this kind of trash content. They encourage and feed on other people’s stupidity because they’re too miserable in their own stupidity.

Why is everyone mad at Logan Paul? This isn’t his fault alone. It’s everyone’s fault. YouTube, his parents, his fans and the media that painted him as a tremendous influencer.
Who is he influencing? How is he influencing them? What divine inspirations do his fans get from him?
Nobody cared until now.
There are a lot of irrelevant celebrities bashing the kid on social media.
It disgusts me. They don’t really care about some dead body filmed in the woods. They’re chiming in with their two cents just to bask in some more celebrity sunshine.
Give the boy a break.
When I was 22, I did a lot of stupid embarrassing things too.
You live and learn. He learned his lesson. You learn yours.
There’s another kid headed down the same path. David Dobrik. If any of his fans read this, they’d better advice him to tone down his content. That clickbait thing isn’t useful to any of the 13 year old kids who worship him.

A lot of this stuff comes with age. You grow old, you learn about your stupid mistakes. You rectify them and move on.
As far as the dead body is concerned, it’s a dead body. All our bodies are useless as soon as the souls leave them.
I understand the disrespectful aspect of what Logan did. But nowadays people are generally heartless. They lack compassion. They can’t feel compassion for living beings. Why would they mourn the dead ones?
Get on a spiritual platform and you understand that the death/misfortune of any living being is a sad thing. Be it a cat, dog, cow, ant or squirrel.
The soul migrates through 8,400,000 different species of life. One of them is the human form.
But most people only care about a dead human being. Or a cat or dog. Or whatever pets they own.
If they do not have a personal connection with the living being, they don’t care. They don’t feel compassion. They don’t feel sorry. In fact, they’ll round them up and put them in slaughterhouses and fry them and eat them.
Where’s your compassion at that time?
It’s hypocrisy. That’s what it is. People are only willing to support what’s favorable to them. Selfish.
When you realize that at one point in time, you were also a cow, goat, rabbit, snake or tree, your perspective and general view of life changes.

As far as suicides are concerned, people are living in ignorance.
They do not know what happens when you commit suicide, which is why they do it.
Anyone who commits suicide will have to spend the rest of their intended life duration as ghosts. The ghosts are souls with minds and intelligence. But no bodies.
Without the gross body, the soul cannot fulfill any of it’s desires. When you’re hungry, you cannot eat. Thirsty, but you can’t drink. Lusty, but you can’t have sex. You need a physical body to do that.
And if people had knowledge that we’re, in fact, spirit souls, they wouldn’t engage in foolish acts like suicide.
Nor would they mourn for the dead.
A dead person’s already dead. There’s nothing in it. It’s an empty shell. The force within it, the spirit soul has already departed the body. What use is it, to mourn for such a body?
The B.G. compares this process of transmigration to a person changing clothes.
Every morning you wake up, shower and change into new set of clothes. Do you cry about it?
This is spiritual science. But very easy and practical to understand.
It is also necessary truth. You can choose to wilfully ignore it. But that won’t comfort your ignorant state of mind.

As far as all the outrage goes, it’s fake. Fake outrage.
Type Logan Paul into the YouTube searchbar and you’ll see all these videos of people bashing Logan Paul and calling him evil and horrible for trying to gain views off of dead bodies in Japan forests.
But they’re doing the same, aren’t they? Using Logan Paul’s name in the title because no one would click on them otherwise.
These so-called raise awareness crybabies are monetizing their videos about Logan Paul to make some money.
“I’m deeply traumatized. Click the link in the description below, donate some money to my Patreon.”
Like I said, it’s all about the money.
These outrage folks are trying to gain popularity and relevancy off of Logan Paul’s name. Fake compassion and sympathy gets a lot of clicks.
They’re jealous and angry that some Logan Paul makes stupid videos and swears on it and still gets more views and makes more money than they’ll ever make. And they went to college to study all that stuff and got some acting/photography degree that’s irrelevant in the market.

People saying they cry and care about that stranger hanging from a tree are lying. They don’t know the guy. They know nothing about him to care about him. That’s the reality of the world we live in. People don’t care unless they know you. And most of the time, even people who know you don’t care what happens to you. Not unless you kill yourself. Then they’ll pour their crocodile tears and lie about how close they were to you.

I haven’t watched the video. I’ve read about a lot more disturbing and disgusting things on the news. I guess I’m desensitized to it now. It’s a terrible world. You have to come to grips with it.
If these YouTube angels spent a few hours reading the news everyday, they’d find a lot more terrible things to cry about on their channels for that YouTube money.
Then they put the same old generic messages of call 1-800-blah-blah. Let’s be honest. If you have to call a random stranger because you have no real friends/family to talk to, your life really sucks. There’s nothing a stranger can say on the phone that’d magically solve that problem.

I’m posting this on 4th January. Late to the party because I’m too focused on my own life and things that matter to me than what other people do with their lives.
That should be the ideal goal for everyone really. It’s okay to point out when someone does wrong and offer corrections, but focus on your own lives. You’re not perfect. You’ve made terrible mistakes too. Logan Paul only made it worse by posting his mistake online for the entire world to criticize. You may even have committed crimes but since there are no records of it online, you’re basking in the glory of self-importance.
Get off your high horse.