4 - Aziz Ansari sexual allegations

It’s 17th Jan 2018.
I just saw some headlines about Aziz Ansari facing sexual misconduct allegations by an anonymous woman.
I read the original article on the babe website. Boy, does it have details!

There’s a #metoo movement that has been going around for the last few months. Harvey Weinstein was the last case I studied. I knew there would be hundreds of women speaking out after that; with hundreds of men being accused of rape or sexual misconduct.
I don’t have the time to analyze every single case that pops up in the news.
The Bill Cosby scandal is still fresh on my mind. I can’t believe it’s been like 2 years already.

I think the media and a lot of people have this problem where they take something and blow it out of proportion whilst trying to push their own agendas.
Take a neutral stand and keep an open mind whilst doing any investigations or analysis. If you take sides, you lose the clarity; your judgement becomes clouded by your own convictions. You already have a motive of proving something wrong or right.

Any allegations, that are published by the news media have the capacity to destroy a person’s life.
You should know this, when you step up on a public platform and accuse someone of something.
If it’s false, it’s wrong. Shouldn’t happen. You’re wasting everyone’s time.
If it’s true, what do you gain from it? How do others benefit from it?

When people wait for months and years before speaking up against this kind of stuff, they always have a motive. It’s either money or destruction.
Either they want to get paid to shut up or they want to destroy someone’s life and career.
Look at all the people that have been publicly accused of rape or sexual harrassment. They’re all famous. They all hold positions of power and influence. They’re all rich.

Let’s say your house was robbed. You were snoring loudly in the middle of the night. Some thieves broke into your house and stole all your expensive items. It’s a crime scene.
When you wake up in the morning, would you:
a) Call the cops and file a report.
b) Call the news station and give an interview.
c) Post it on social media and respond to all the sympathy posts.
Note that all the above are valid reactions. They just have different priorities and value.
The first priority of any crime scene is to report it to the police.
If you skip that, it hasn’t affected you that badly.

I’m going to talk about the modern dating culture.
Why do people feel it’s okay to have sex on the first date? Don’t you want to get to know the person a little bit before you smash?
Don’t you think it’d be more appropriate to fall in love before engaging in romantic acts?
Is it all about lust? Is lust the driving factor when people of any genders meet?
Why do people think it’s okay to go to someone’s apartment that you just met?
That’s not normal. Or safe, generally speaking.

Why would you take off your clothes at someone’s apartment if you don’t want to have sex?

Why would you go to anyone’s apartment if you don’t like them like that?
I know this one sounds ridiculous, but it’s not very far from the truth. You go to a man’s house, you don’t know he’s gay, next thing you know, he’s dry humping you like a mad gorilla while you’re too shocked to react.

Times have changed. Who’s to blame? It’s the very people who have been eagerly pushing their own disgusting fantasies to be legitimized and accepted.
It’s a slippery slope. Once you open the pandora’s box, you’re going to have all sorts of traumatizing experiences.

Some women are feminists; they want to be treated on an equal platform as men.
Turns out a lot of them are dominant and like to be in control. Many of them are lesbians. Most of them hate men.
Other women are submissives. They wear chokers and like older men. They want to be slapped and choked and treated like little girls.

What is the world coming to?
You know what I’m talking about. You’ve heard and seen these things.

Pornography is the root cause of these problems.
There are so many porn genres now, that I’ve been left out of the loop.
Look at the statistics on some of these porn websites. You’ll understand the dynamics of where everyone’s headed.
Searches that defined 2017: porn for women.
Most searched for terms of 2017: lesbian, hentai, milf, step mom, step sister, mom, teen…
Most searched for male pornstar: Jordi El Nino Polla.
Top countries by traffic: US, UK, India, Japan, Canada, France, Germany…
Top gaining categories: Cuckold, Japanese, Indian, Cosplay, Korean, Transgender, Gangbang, French, Cartoon…
Women’s favorite search terms: lesbian, threesome, japanese, hentai, rough sex, gangbang, big black dick, cartoon…
Men’s favorite search terms: milf, step mom, hentai, mom, teen, step sister, 3D, anal, VR…
Most viewed categories by women: lesbian, threesome, big dick, gang bang, anal, milf, hentai, teen…
Categories viewed more often by women compared to men: lesbian, gang bang, double penetration, hardcore, rough sex, threesome, bondage, big dick…
India’s female visitors increased the most out of any other country compared to last year, by 129%.
Countries with the most female visitors: Philippines, Brazil, South Africa, India, Sweden…
Popular Searches by age group 18-24: mmd, twitch streamers, hentai, cartoon, lesbian…
Countries with the largest proportion of mobile use by women: South Africa, US, UK, Pakistan, India…

Take a deep breath.
I could draw so many conclusions from these stats. Though they wouldn’t be completely accurate.
But, you have to agree, looking at some of these trends, people’s moral standards are slipping.

If you look at all the accused men out there, and link up the general likes and taste of women in porn, you can imagine what these men naturally seem to think.
It’s a far shot, but pretty close.
I’m trying to stay logical here.

Don’t hook up on the first date.
When you kiss and suck a man’s dick on the first date, don’t be surprised if you feel disgusted, depressed and used afterwards.
Both men and women need to understand this. It’s not normal to engage in casual sex with random people. That shit fucks your brain up.

Aziz Ansari, author of Modern Romance, stopped thinking with his head because his other head was too demanding. I think a lot of men have this problem.
They see a pretty woman, she gets too friendly and they think she wants to fuck them.
Again, this boils down to one of my previous statements in my other stories. It’s all about sex.
Men want sex, women want attention. If you’re both selfish, someone’s getting hurt.
Actually both men and women want sex. But men will fuck just about any woman that’s available while women want some Brad Pitt type of guy.

This guy called himself a feminist.
Then again, this is one of the mistakes he has to live with. Fame comes at a price for everyone. Ask anyone who’s famous what they had to do to achieve that fame.

How do you author a book on romance when your pickup game is whack?
Before trying to stick your peepee in someone, try to understand who they are, what they like, what they want. Get to know them.

Let me recap the article from babe in a summary.
Now, this woman, Grace - she approached him first.
That’s alright.
They flirted a little.
Now she’s messing up. If you’re not physically attracted to someone, why flirt?
He asked for her number and she gave it to him.
Bruh, what are you doiiin’?
They flirted with each other for a week.
See the problem?
He asked her to go out with him and she agreed.
Why? Why would you go on a date someone you’re not romantically interested in?
She went to his apartment.
Then “It was white,” she said. “I didn’t get to choose and I prefer red, but it was white wine.”
lol okay!
Then they went to a boat for dinner.
Walked back to his apartment.
Gurrrl, you trippin’!
Then he kissed her, grabbed her boob, undressed her, undressed himself, kissed her, performed oral sex, and she returned the favor.
He fingered her, kept putting her hand on his dick, then asks her where she wants him to do her.
She replies, “next time.”
He asks, “second date?” She says, “yeah, sure.”
When you agree to such a proposal, he’s thinking you’ll give it to him sooner or later. So why not then?
And that’s exactly what Mr Aziz does. He pours her a glass of wine, she goes to the bathroom to recollect herself. He takes her to the couch, and points to his dick like some motherfucking gangster. She obliges and sucks him off again.
Then He bends her over a mirror and asks her where she wants him to fuck her.
Finally she stands up and says No. She’s not ready to do this.
That was the clue for Mr Aziz right there. If his blood was flowing through his brain, he would have realized it then.
They put on their clothes and watch TV.
Why didn’t she leave?
He kissed her again and tried to undo her pants.
Finally she got up to call a cab.
He hugged her, kissed her and called her a cab.
She went home crying.

Now Mr Aziz says all of this was consensual. I can see where he’s coming from through some of events. But he missed some obvious signals.
A man with a hard dick can’t think straight.

This woman, Grace, 22 years old at the time, sent the wrong signals from the start. There were so many opportunities to pull out. She didn’t. What was she expecting?
Don’t flirt with someone you’re not willing to fuck.

The next evening, she told him she’d felt like shit. He apologized. And that was that.

Then Aziz won at the Golden Globes and she was still bitter about their encounter an year ago.
So she contacted babe magazine who agreed to publish her story while keeping her anon.

I’m not a fan of Aziz. I’ve heard his standup comedy.
Looking at the progress of the events, I have no problem believing this woman’s story was intended to nuke Aziz’s career.

It’s a learning process. For her, for Aziz, you, me, everyone. Live and learn.

This story has created a huge sensation.
I saw it in my feed. Decided to share a fairly logical perspective and some insight on the matter.
Time to sleep!