5 - Florida School Shooting - Nikolas Cruz

Wednesday 14 February, Valentine’s Day.
A 19 year old brainwreck shoots up his former school and kills 17 people.
Dead parents, girlfriend dumped his ass, got expelled from school, loner, quiet, anger issues, killing animals for fun, posting gun pics and threats on social media etc.

Today is 19th February 2018.
When I saw the news, I was pissed the fuck off.
Had I posted about this on that day, I’d have raged, ranted and cursed that stupid asshole until I ran out of profanity in my vocabulary. But what would that have achieved? Nothing.
Took a few days so I could see what the news was saying about this man, and any updates during the investigation.
I don’t need to hate this moron. The entire world hates him already.

I’ve talked about Logan Paul in the past, his younger brother Jake Paul - both assholes.
And I thought, meh, who cares? They’re young and dumb, made mistakes. They’ll grow up and learn. When will that be? I don’t know. When they are in their 30’s? When they’re hit by some crisis.
It’s difficult to change a person once they’re 18. That’s what I think. It’s what I’ve seen. It’s not impossible, but it’s quite tasking. To change your personality, to quit your vices, to acquire better traits and to improve your behavior needs common sense, good will, and intelligence.

Nikolas Cruz crossed the ultimate line. He killed children. He killed young women, well, teenagers, but still, female.
From a scriptural point of view, it is forbidden to kill women, children, cows and brahmanas (priests).
And the appropriate punishment for people who commit such a crime is death. That’s for their own benefit. If they aren’t put to death, they will go to hell.
Religion aside, compassion is a basic human trait. You can’t teach compassion. It comes naturally from the heart.
Your vices and virtues will depend on your surroundings, environment, and the people around you.
If you’re fixed and pure, you could live in a whorehouse and remain undisturbed from the pangs of lust. But that’s not an ordinary man’s capability.

Some news media are now talking about a disturbed young man, broken young man, mental illness and so on.
So now he’s the victim of society’s misfortunes?
Doesn’t he have a brain? Common sense? Intelligence? The ability to differentiate between right and wrong?
No one is perfect. I don’t expect this young man to be some saint.
There are some mistakes that can be forgiven. I talked about Logan Paul, and even though he disrespected the dead, I was like, you know what? He was stuck in a bubble. He fucked up. He asked for forgiveness. Move on.
I don’t think the man has improved much. Eh…

How do you forgive this? 17 dead men, women and children?
A life sentence is a waste of taxpayer’s money. If a man commits theft and fraud and gets a life sentence, that’s fine. A murderer getting a life sentence is unnecessary. Hang him.
The justice system is flawed. Evidence gets played with, innocent people can end up in prison. I sympathize with them.
This case, however, is an open and shut case. 19 years old. Guy kills innocent people. Not one. not two. But 17 of them.
If a 19 year old doesn’t know it’s wrong to take another human’s life…
Nothing can justify this crime. Not his terrible childhood, not his lonely life, not his depression, not his mental illnesses, nothing.

I think he’ll get life. What a waste. Now you have to feed another worthless stomach in prison.

Everyone in the US is crying about gun laws and banning guns.
I’m thinking with a clear head. Banning guns will not prevent crazy psychopaths from acquiring one illegally.
All bans are a waste of time. If you ban something, people still carry on doing it illegally.
Banning crazy people on the other hand…
The weapons aren’t the problem. They’re simply a medium to carry out the crimes. The people are the problem.
If the legal drinking age is 21, why is the legal gun permit age 18? Retarded politicians at work.

We’re living in a dehumanized insensitized era. People don’t have the human feelings anymore. They’re like mindless robots. Loveless, lonely, nutjobs.
Instead of promoting love and compassion, corporations are promoting sex and ill will.

This is just the beginning of Kali Yuga. You can imagine how bad it will get a few thousand years from now.