7 - American woman trapped in Syria after moving there since 2000

It’s 14th March 2018
Just saw this on the news and decided to drop my thoughts before sitting down for lunch.

44 year old American woman trapped in a Syrian town with Russian bombs raining on them.
She’s from Michigan. Met her Syrian husband while in University and married him.
They had 5 kids in the US.
Moved to Syria to take care of her husband’s old parents.
Had 3 more kids in Syria. A total of 7 daughters and 1 son.
Let me guess - the son is the youngest. Am I right? If you care enough to waste time, do the research.

She’s 44 years old. Her kids grew up in Syria. So did her 4 grandchildren.
Works as an English language teacher.

Went to Syria since 2000. Lived there. Reproduced more kids.
Fake news CNN says she’s been trapped in Syria since 2000. She says she’s been under siege for 5 years.
Her message to the world is to let their voice be heard. Not just be quiet.

She has an American name. But now she’s wearing a hijab and burqa. Speaks with a Middle Eastern accent too.

There is little doubt in my mind that she converted to Islam after marriage. Her children were probably raised as muslims. So are her grandchildren.

Now, I’ve lived in a shithole country before. I’ve also moved from one shithole country to another shithole country.
But I had an idea of what kind of shithole I was getting into.
I also knew what I needed to do if I wanted out.

Did this woman know what kind of shithole she was getting into?
Did she know when she had to get out?
Why did she choose to stay there for so long?
Now she wants Trump to put more pressure on Russia to stop bombing shithole Syria.
Trump - the kind of President who fires people for speaking out against Russia.
If she really understood who Trump was, I doubt she’d be wasting time speaking to fake news journalists who are disliked by Trump.

So she moved to Syria to take care of her husband’s parents. What about her own parents?
Did she ever visit them back at the states? Did she call them? Keep in touch with them?
What about her friends? Did she ever contact them after moving to Syria?

This is a mess. It’s a fuck-up.
I’m painting the entire view of the giant fuck-up that this woman got into.
And now, it’s too fucking late.

If I was born and raised in the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave, there is absolutely no way I’d even consider visiting a 3rd world shithole country in the Middle East. Not even a week long vacation. Nope!
As far as loving and marrying a person from another country is concerned, isn’t there some legal arrangements for spouses to become citizens of America? Why would I move to their shithole country?
North America and Europe are the proverbial paradise on earth. If you live there, stay there.
There are millions of refugees from shithole countries begging to move into the US and Europe. They’re not retarded.

I’m surprised that at no point of her media conversation does she even consider the possibilities of moving out of shithole Syria. She wants to stay there. Just not experience the Russian bombings.