1 - ipev loses his goddamn mind

25th Jan 2018.
I said a few weeks ago, if it reached below 15 degrees, I was going to lose my goddamn mind.
This is it.
12 fucking degrees!

You may say “Hey ipev! 12 degrees? That’s nothing! hue hue hue! It’s 0 degrees here! It’s -12 degrees here!”
Shut up bitch!
12 degrees, 0 degrees, -12 degrees - it’s still too fucking cold damnit!
As if going from -12 degrees to 0 degrees is supposed to be a goddamn consolation.
“Oh no! 0 degrees! So nice and warm! Hue hue hue!” FUCK THIS SHIT! I’ve had enough!

The sun’s risen and shining like a bright motherfucker. Why is it so goddamn cold?
Donald Trump, get on this shit! Get your mind off the trolling and do some real shit for once.
Where are the scientists at? Bunch of geniuses but can’t figure out why it’s so goddamn cold? STOP THIS COLD!
“Hey it’s winter so it’s supposed to be cold.”
I know it’s winter you stupid motherfucker! BUT HOW CAN YOU PREVENT IT FROM GETTING THIS COLD?
Meteorologists get your asses in here! Why the fuck is it so cold?
Bunch of dumbasses can’t predict the weather accurately until it’s already too fucking cold!
Why does my weather app show different predictions every hour? Can’t ya’ll stick to one goddamn prediction? Have a consensus, decide what temperature it’s going to be in the evening!
Weather forecast my ass. Can’t predict the weather 2 hours ahead; motherfuckers want to forecast the next three goddamn weeks. Get the fuck outta here!

“Are you going to talk about the cold all day?”
It’s so cold!
Why is it so cold?
Elon Musk, get your alien ass in here and solve this shit!
Talking about electric trucks in 2020. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! FUCK YOUR GODDAMN TRUCKS.
Hillary Rotham Clinton! Where are you bitch? Old ass went campaigning for votes all year but can’t stop this fucking cold weather!
You’re not better than Trump!
Sundar Pichhai! Satya Nadella! Get your nerdy asses to work and put an end to this cold cold weather. Can’t design a smartphone for shit. Google Pixel looks like some chunky prototype from 2008. Shame on you!

I tuned into CNN Fake News Network last night and all I could think of was “WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK?”
It’s 2018. CNN still crying about Donald Trump every single day.
“Oh Donald Trump said this. Oh Donald did that. Oh Donald keep mindfucking us with your Twitter trolling. Fuck us in the ass Donald! Oh Donald!”
They get triggered by every single thing that Donald Trump says or does.

Donald Trump, for his part, has done nothing presidential since he became POTUS.
This old son of a bitch speaks like a 12 year old. There’s so much noticeable difference in the speeches that he reads and the impromptu ones that it leaves no doubt in the minds of the viewers that this old bastard doesn’t have a hand in his speechwriting.
Where’s the originality? If his goddamn speechwriter can write so well, maybe he should be the President. Not Donald Trump.
A businessman who has no idea how Washington politics works; he’s like a floating duck in the ocean waters. He goes where the waves take him.

And why is the rest of the world discussing Donald Trump?
Look at your own goddamn countries and leaders. They suck as much as Trump. Maybe they’re even worse!
To think that one shitty leader is better than another shitty leader is retardation. You’re compromising between shitty leaders. That’s where your problem starts.

Donald mentioned shitty countries and the whole world erupted at his comments. But, mostly the American privileged bleeding hearts.
“Oh no! He said shithole countries! Oh no!”
And one of his representatives corrected it to ‘shithouse countries’. “He didn’t say shithole, he said shithouse!”
Is that even an insult? These retards are making up words as they go.
Who cares if Donald said shithole countries? He said grab ’em by the pussy and still became President! WHAT THE FUCK?
Shithole countries is no farther from the truth. Those countries really are shitholes.
It’s almost humorous to watch these idiots lose their minds over small things.

I was born in a shithole town in a shitty country. And I’ve moved to several shithole cities in shithole countries.
Right now, I’m living in a city that is borderline shithole. It’s almost a shithole, but not quite there.
There’s nothing wrong with stating the facts.
I mentioned this in yesterday’s blog, if I could get the fuck out of here and move to a better city in a better country, I would!

If those countries that Trump mentioned weren’t shitholes, people wouldn’t be fleeing and applying for US visas. Do you get the point? DO YOU GET THE FUCKING POINT YOU THICK HEADED STUPID RETARDS?
The reason people want to move to a better place is because where they’re staying right now isn’t good enough. In other words, shithole.
Why is this concept so difficult to grasp and understand?

These fake news media have blown their anti-Trump campaigns out of proportion. They’re not living in reality anymore. They’ve painted Donald Trump as some fucking dictator who’s worse than Adolf Hitler and crazy Kim Jong Un.
They’ve been bullshitting about him since the election campaigns. And so many petty things. My God! SO MUCH PETTY FUCKING BULLSHIT! LIKE WHO THE FUCK EVEN CARES?
Now there’s a reverend defending Trump for his Stormy Daniels affair.
There’s no need to defend the man and proclaim his ‘Christian values’. I don’t care that the man slept with some pornstar.
I know a large population across the world watches these pornstars and jerks off to them. He just went one step further and actually screwed her. If you look at the bigger picture, is there much difference, really?
You’re a Christian watching porn and he’s a Christian fucking a pornstar. Get off your high fucking horse BITCH!
Stormy Daniels is Melania’s problem. Not mine. Not yours. Melania is Trump’s wife. I’m sure she knew about the affair before you, the media, or I did! So why is Fake News CNN bitching about it?
Can we talk about some real shit on the news?
This is why I watch RT news. Sure, it’s got Russian propaganda, but it’s got more worldwide events coverage than any other American or British news network.

What’s this new story about FBI being biased and colluding against Trump? Bunch of bullshit. Give the evidence or take it off the news. I don’t trust the FBI or any government agency. But the point of the news is to state the facts not some hypothetical conspiracy some left-winger/right-winger came up with.
I’m still waiting for the facts that Trump did collude with Russia. Nada. They’ve still published zero proof.

A bunch of news networks are debating about Trump’s mental health. Like I even care about it.
Didn’t these bitch ass motherfuckers fat-shame the man? “Oh Trump eats McDonald burgers every night. He drinks 12 bottles of diet coke. He orders two scoops of icecream. Oh, he’s so fat! So unhealthy!”
I don’t care what Trump eats. It’s none of my business nor yours. A huge percentage of Americans are a bunch of fat slobs and nobody’s cried about it on the news.
You think I give a shit what Trump eats for dinner? Give me a fucking break!

If Trump is a senile old man, you should’ve reviewed his old ass and declared him unfit when he launched his election campaigns. But you didn’t! You didn’t do that because you were so goddamn sure Hillary would win!
And when that crazy old bitch lost, you started grasping at straws trying to sling every bit of shit at this stupid old man and defame him. As soon as he became President, it was over.
What did you think? You’ll cry about him on the news until the people round up and overthrow the government? Ain’t gonna happen! The man’s got more military power than the entire planet under his command. If he wishes, he could order the National Guards into everyone’s homes to give them a rectal examination and shove a pill up their ass.
You think you’ve got freedom but it’s limited. You have no idea what freedom is until a bunch of men drop down from a helicopter in the middle of the night, kick your doors in and haul your ass away for questioning.
Don’t fuck with the government. Your freedom is an illusion designed to keep you under check.

This just in; another Republican on the news for calling his aide his soul-mate and paying her off with taxpayer’s money.
Don’t fuck with the taxpayer’s money. That’s people’s hard-earned money that needs to go to things that benefit them directly.

Recently there was news that the NSA has the ability to do voice surveillance, with supporting evidence from documents given during the Snowden leaks. 2013 -2018.
What the fuck?
I don’t trust these nerd journalists anymore. A bunch of self-serving cocksuckers who keep buying time and releasing time-sensitive information in bits to stay relevant.
Oh I know what they’re doing.
When are they going to release the Panama documents?
They said during the initial Panama leaks that they’d acquired millions of documents and called it the biggest leak ever!
WHERE THE FUCK ARE THOSE DOCUMENTS? Where the fuck are Vladimir Putin’s documents? Where are Hillary’s? Or any other politicians’?
I bet these pricks will release them after 10 years. When nobody gives a fuck anymore.
Talk about retarded journalism.

A PE teacher in an elementary school in California stripped naked and chased kids around.
We need responsible adults around children. Not drug addicts who strip naked and chase kids around the school.
If I was a parent, and my daughter studied there, I’d be pissed the fuck off!
I’d slap the shit out of this nigga for getting high and losing his mind around a bunch of kids.
“Oh no! He said the N-word! He’s racist!”
What the fuck is the N-word? You’re basically putting nigga in everyone’s head without saying it. Say it like it is. Stop pussyfooting around.

“You can’t say the N-word because it’s racist.”
If you’ve never heard someone say nigga without implying a racist context, you’re a motherfucking liar. Cunts like you are the reason people keep pussyfooting around facts to avoid offending snowflaky flakes.
What the fuck has the world come to? People talk shit when there’s no butthurt bitches around but in public, they act like they never say shit? Why can’t we all be our goddamn selves and stop worrying about who’s getting offended over some dumb bullshit?
Of course that’s not gonn’ happen while we still have pretentious high and mighty cunts strutting around like a bunch of British Lords.

Is there any rap song these days that doesn’t have the word nigga in it? All the rap songs are full of swear words and sexually objectifying women - ah, sorry, BITCHES. Everyone listens to this shit and then privileged assholes wonder why people still use cuss words. It’s everywhere! So many music videos feature sexy women, so many rap songs objectify them.
What’s humorously hypocritical is that it’s okay if they say them, but not okay if you say it. No matter what context or meaning you intended.
I could be gay and scream fag fag FAG FAGGOT! all day and nobody would blink.
But being straight somehow makes it offensive to say faggot.
If I was a black man who kept saying nigga from dawn to dusk, nobody would give a fuck. They’d just walk away.
But if I was white, everyone would pounce in with their two cents - “Oh no! That’s not right! Black people suffered as slaves.. blah blah blah.”
What the fuck?
There are still black slaves motherfucker! Do your research! Go to North Africa and West Africa and see how slavery still thrives to this day. Blacks enslaving blacks. Working in cocoa plantations and shit. All for the pleasures of the white men. The largest consumers of chocolate - privileged white families.
Fucking bleeding hearts. If you’re really concerned, then go to West Africa and adopt some of those children working as slaves. Give them a new life. A new home. Bring them to the US and raise them to have fulfilling lives. Don’t bitch about someone saying nigga when you say nigga in your house all the damn time!
Get educated on what’s happening around the world. Don’t jump on the hype train like a retarded ape just to sound nice and say things people agree with.
There is absolutely no logic in the way people do things.

I’ve lived in third world countries most of my life. The problems I’ve had to face and seen others face are too big for us to care about petty shit.
Of course there are a bunch of retards in every society. So there are mindless idiots walking around boycotting bullshit and stuff because they don’t have bigger problems to worry about.
It’s the same problem with the United States but on a far bigger scale. People have beautiful lives. They have all the luxuries and amenities. They focus on petty little shit that’s mostly irrlevant. They’re bored. That’s the fucking problem. BOREDOM.
If they were earning $1 after working their ass off all day, I highly doubt they’d have time to bitch about what Trump said on Twitter. Or what anyone says for that matter.
And then you waste your time eating tide pods for likes and shit. WHAT THE FUCK?
I thought this shit was a joke. Then I saw some football star Gronk on an ad telling people not to eat tide pods. THEY PAID THIS MAN TO MAKE AN AD TELLING IDIOT RETARDS NOT TO EAT TIDE PODS.
I rest my case.

Back to what matters to me - It’s so fucking cold. Can you bastards solve this shit? Everyone’s crying about climate change but I don’t see them doing anything about it. Didn’t Trump just approve a coal miners’ bill last year?
Personally, I think the third world countries are causing more pollution and global warming with no repercussions. It’s the people and the fucking factories.
The governments sit on their ass and do nothing until entire cities are heavily polluted.
A bunch of greedy cunts who only care about pocketing their cash. Has anyone been to New Dehli or Beijing in the recent years? IT’S A FUCKING SHITHOLE! SHITHOLE HQ. UNIVERSAL CAPITAL OF SHITHOLES. Can’t even fucking breathe that shit air without getting lung cancer in two minutes. What the fuck?
It’s time to end the world Lord! Give me an ark and I’ll ride out the storm!