2 - Slavery in 2018

It’s 29th January, 2018.
Sunday evening.

I decided to take a break and catch up with the news.
And I saw a CNN video of black migrants being flogged in Libya. By Arabs. For ransom.

Then I looked at another video. Late 2017. Migrants being auctioned as slaves. In Libya.
What the fuck?
Africa is largely populated by Africans, who are, black.
But the Northern and West Africa are also populated by Arabs going back centuries ago.
If you visit some of these countries, you won’t think you’re in Africa. You’ll think you’re in some SHITHOLE Middle Eastern country.
The natives speak Arabic, Islam is the predominant religion, and racism is openly embraced.

Now I’ve traveled a bit. But more importantly, I’ve seen, witnessed and experienced racism first-hand.
If you’re an African American who gets triggered by some white boy saying nigger on the internet, you haven’t seen real racism. Neither have you experienced the worst of it.
Come to Africa. If you want to see real racism. Savage racism. Racism that’ll make you wish your mom had named you Nigga in exchange for never having to ever visit Africa again!
Ref: Idiots crying wolf and muh privilege.

The worst type of racism is one where your own race hates you. Internal racism.
Black Americans think it’s okay for Blacks to call each other niggas but if a white boy does it, he’s dead.
In Africa, your own race will call you a nigger, treat you like one, enslave you, and skin you alive if you anger him.
Yes! Go to Central Africa if you want to see how the privileged Africans abuse the less privileged Africans.
At this point, I wonder if it’s real racism or some new type of ethical resentment.
But, when you see them show the Caucasians and Arabs more respect, kindness and special treatment than their fellow Africans, it’ll clear your doubts.

Slavery in Africa would be impossible if there weren’t some Africans involved. Somewhere in the ranks, there’s a nigga selling his fellow brothers into slavery for some quick cash.

Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria, North Sudan… these are some of the countries off the top of my head where a lot of people flee in search of a better life.
If you’re in the North or West Africa, life won’t get much better if you move south. Instead, migrants choose to continue upwards through the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.
For that, they’ll need to transit through Libya, Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco. These are Islamic regimes. The leaders are Arabs, the governments lean toward dictatorship and the citizens are savages.
Libya has been put on the global map after Bozo Obama and Cunt Hillary meddled with it’s government and Gaddafi was killed.
The stories of modern day slavery you hear on the news today are predominantly from Libya.
You can thank the Obama administration for doing such a great job in North Africa.

Whenever the United States government has interfered with the administration of another country, they’ve turned it into a fucking mess.
That’s a motherfucking fact and there’s no debate.
Every single country the US invaded or helped invade turned into a literal fucking shithole.
You’re not helping those countries America. Stop fucking with other countries and leave them to sort out their own mess. If they’re living in dictatorship regimes, leave it to the people to find their own path to democracy. Don’t hand them weapons and ammunition and put your troops on their soil.
The problem in these countries isn’t just the government. The people are hardened up by years of harsh leadership. If you topple the government, you’re only replacing one breed of savages with another, more terrifying breed of savages.

Why does the United States government have the tendency to fuck with Arab countries? If you see an Arab or an Arabic name, STOP. Leave them alone.
You think you’re helping those people but you’re making it worse.
You have no sense of their culture, their customs, traditions, way of life, religion. All you see is their oppression. Let them sort it out for themselves. They’re muslim. Living under oppression is the Islamic way of life.
“Oh no! That’s racist!” BULLSHIT. Look at how much freedom their women and children have. From infancy to adulthood. To an American marshmallow, that’s a terrible life of oppression and injustice. But to those people, it may not be so bad.

Let me put in a word to the African leaders. All the Presidents and Prime Ministers - a bunch of fucking wankers.
These assholes win elections to earn that Presidential paycheck. They don’t give a fuck about the citizens. If their pockets get a steady stream of cash flow, they’ll close their eyes to anything.

Majority of the countries in Africa, Asia and South America are shitholes. No two ways about it. Trump said it and everybody got offended. But it’s the truth. I’ve been there. I KNOW MOTHERFUCKER. I KNOW.

Why are these migrants fleeing their native countries? Because they’re shitholes. Nobody wants to live in a fucking shithole. Economic recession, poor quality of life, no food, no education, no basic amenities. If you have a dream of anything resembling luxury, how the fuck could you make it while staying there?

There’s a 100-Trillion-Dollar note in Zimbabwe.
There’s a fucking country on the planet where the economy hit the rock bottom so hard, they had to print currency notes with millions, billions and trillions printed on them!
Think the Middle East is poor? A visit to Zimbabwe will make a native Afghan look like a Saudi prince!

I mentioned child slavery in the Ivory Coast in one of my stories.
There are still many countries in Africa where slaves are still owned, the government and local authorities are aware, and no one’s doing anything about it!
One thing that stands out - there are no slaves of other ethnicities. Only blacks.

There are still slaves in other countries. Sex slaves in Brazil, Colombia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, in the Middle East. You’ve heard stories of Yazidi women in the news.
THe rest of the countries are still hush hush. You only hear a story or two in the news and it gets drowned by the other bullshit like Donald Trump’s twitter posts.