3 - Racism - False Alarm

The United States of America.
One country where everything can be interpreted as racism.

It’s 30th January 2018.
I saw this on the news. A black woman sueing Walmart for racial discrimination because black people’s hair products are locked behind a counter. You have to get an employee to come and open the glass box for you to pick your items.

“Oh no! That’s so racist!”
Have you ever wondered WHY a store would choose to keep certain items locked?
Every store and mall has a list of items that often get stolen.
In this woman’s case, black people’s hair products.

“It made me feel subhuman! I felt so humiliated! I’ve never stolen anything in my entire life!”
Stop bitching about it like you don’t know why those items are kept locked.
Condoms, makeup kits, stationary and other little items are high targets for theft.

If an item keeps getting stolen in your store, common sense dictates that you take steps to deter future thieves.
Everything isn’t about racism.

Here’s another problem in America - morons sueing others over petty bullshit.
I’m glad this lawsuit happened with Walmart and not some small store owner. Walmart has enough money to keep this case running in court and eventually win even if it takes decades!
This crazy bitch doesn’t stand a chance with that racism nonsense.

I’m going to state the obvious which a lot of people wouldn’t say out loud, because it sounds racist.
If black women’s hair products were kept locked and secured at Walmart, it’s clear what kind of people were stealing that shit.
How many white/colored folks do you know that use black hair products?

If you don’t want things to be locked up, stop others from stealing. Tell them to stop stealing if it affects and bothers you so much.

I often visit this mall where all the small electronic gadgets are kept locked in a glass case. Headphones, SD cards, cameras, phones, cables, headsets, fancy bulbs and stuff.
When I wanted to buy a headset and SD card, I just asked one of the employees to unlock it and give me what I wanted. Didn’t take long.
Now if I felt so inconvenienced, I would take my ass to another store and buy what I wanted.
I didn’t whip out my camera and start whining about discrimination against nerds or my race. You feel me?

There is no need to take out your phone and start filming while spewing your fake discrimination bullshit for people on the internet.
Makes you look like a damn fool.

These false outcries are what makes people stop believing that racism still exists.
When real discrimination happens, nobody will give a flying fuck because people get tired of hearing the same bullshit sob story every damn time.