4 - Florida School Shooting - Update

The following content has been rated X for “Oh shit nigga! Buckle up motherfuckers!”
Retarded Advisory: Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, for guns, against guns, Pro-Hillary, Pro-Trump, pro-whatever-the-fuck-exists-out-there, Fake News Media, CNN, and/or religious dumbtard, put your big boy pants on. There will be no limits to the amount of profanity exercised in this episode.

Earlier on, I learned that there was a Broward County Deputy who did not enter the school when the shooting had begun.
He stayed outside, by his car, and the cameras caught his old ass. There’s talk that he was going into retirement soon. So why bother?
Let the goddamn kids be shot. Who cares, right? At least he’s retiring with pension and settling down to a smooth relaxed oldie life.

As fucked up as it sounds, I can see his point. I get it.

And then, I learned that there were 3 other deputy officers near the school premises. Not one. But two, three, four.
Four of these goddamn men in blue. Carrying badges and pistols.
Plus the School Resources officer, who was also armed.
They dindu nuffin.

While kids were getting shot by retarded psychopath faggot Nikolas Cruz, these honorable officers were crouched outside behind their vehicles.
Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for these heroes! Come on now! Don’t be shy. Clap those hands motherfuckers! Got the strength to jerk off for 3 hours straight but can’t make a reosunding clapping sound. Shame on you!

Aren’t you just proud of these deputy officers?

But that’s not all. Officers from Coral Springs arrived at the scene, cocked their weapons and rushed into the school to save these damn kids.
Meanwhile, our heroes waited outside behind the safety of their vehicles.

Had somebody told them there was a lame ass nigger in the building, I have no doubt they would have reacted with force. They would have stormed into the building, and shot the nigga dead, put a fake gun on his corpse and declared self-defense.
Open and shut case. No lawyers, no court dates, no media hearings.

Trayvon Martin was shot dead in Florida. How dangerous was he? Look it up. I’m not even going to go into that story because I’ll lose my fucking mind.
But I’ll tell you what; he was nowhere as dangerous a Nikolas Cruz. Not even close!

“Oh my God! He brought up the race factor! I can’t believe he said that!”
Isn’t it the truth?
Facts, people. I’m all about the goddamn facts. If you don’t like it, jump off a cliff. I could care less.
We’ve got enough stupid people on this planet. I’m tired of hearing them spew rubbish in the spotlight.

Where’s the bald-headed lesbian girl? Bring her back on CNN. Tell her there were 4 cops outside who cowered in safety while all the kids got shot by that maniac white punk.
Ask her what she has to say about that.

The cops can’t protect you. That’s for damn sure. They’re too scared for their own damn lives.
Meanwhile a school teacher can shield students with his body and die saving them.
But let’s not arm the teachers! Oh no no no! What if the teachers shot the kids?
This is the kind of retarded logic that enables school shootings to occur hundreds of times each year. The mass shooters are sentenced and locked up in prison. That’s all.

Where are all these stupid retarded Democrat faggots who were blaming Trump?
Not another damn word on Trump you idiots! I’d smack your face so hard, you’ll forget the President’s name.
Everything is Trump’s fault. Everything the man says or does is criticized by these retarded monkeys.
If your Candidate is so much better, why didn’t she win the elections?
Look what she did in Benghazi. Piece of shit. Fucking toppled the government and ruined an entire North African country.
Is this the bitch you think will lead America better than everyone else?
Fucking screwed Bernie Sanders over. And the old man got cucked willingly.
If you’re a Democrat, shut the fuck up. You’re retarded.

So many brainwashed sheeple screaming for a gun ban.
Stop being emotional for one damn minute and use your common sense.
Guns are not the problem. Criminals are. A criminal mind will think of maximum damage exertion no matter what the circumstance. Criminals are smarter than the damn Democrats. What a shame!
These psychopaths are creative. They’re resourceful. If they want to use guns, they will circumvent the system and obtain weapons illegally. No one can stop them.
Just look at alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes and now, weed. They were all prohibited once. But people continued to use them anyway. The market will never decline. It’s an exponential growth forever. Deal with it!
“B-but guns are weapons! They w-were invented to kill!”
Right. And they’re used for that purpose. Very effectively.
Before guns were invented, know what people were using? Swords, arrows, knives, daggers… look up medieval history. Weapons have always been a part of human culture. Just because you ban one item won’t prevent criminals from using others.
If you’re an assassin, anything can be used as an efficient weapon. Even a goddamn pencil can be used to inflict maximum damage. And it won’t be as quick as a bullet for sure. The victim will be writhing in agonizing pain for several minutes, possibly hours.

Banning guns doesn’t solve anything. It only appeases a bunch of whiny bitches who just want something to blame.
Guns have always been part of American culture. Millions of people own guns in America.
And you know what? Everyone is not a goddamn psychopath. All the gun owners aren’t running around hot headed shooting everybody else.
People own guns for hobbies and for self-protection.
The cops aren’t going to protect you. Oh no! They’re too busy protecting themselves! They’re hiding behind their vehicles like a bunch of cowards.

Broward County Deputies - bunch of cowards.
Get another job faggots. Perhaps farming or flipping burgers will be more suitable for your lazy bums.
Perhaps when the illegal immigrants have been deported, we can have some of these honorable officers doing the work left behind. Mopping floors, cleaning toilets, fixing roofs, flipping burgers, and earning low wages for the rest of their lives.
Sounds good?

How about we train the Mexican immigrants to work as cops? I don’t think they’ll be complaining of the decent wages, free burgers and fries, and respect everywhere they go!
People have been treating them like shit for decades and suddenly it’s “Hello Officer!”
They’ve escaped shithole Mexico and willing to risk everything to stay in America. Given the options, I think Officer Hernandez will be more willing to die in the line of duty than to flip burgers or be deported to Mexico.
Mexicans have bigger balls than these Broward cowards.

If the Republicans don’t like illegal immigrants, let them volunteer to work as cops. Plus they get to keep their guns too! Sounds good?
If America is protected and defended by hillbilly rednecks, I don’t think anybody will want to commit crimes. Especially the black people. Oh they’ll get jobs and go back to school the next morning.

Now that the cops have become pussies like the rest of the Democrats snowflakes, I don’t think America needs to ban guns. On the contrary, I think everyone needs to be armed. Self-defense. Everyone can volunteer to be trained and carry a weapon to protect themselves.
When someone like Nikolas Cruz emerges from the shadows, he’ll be carrying maximum of two guns. But he’ll be facing a dozen guns from all directions. Aimed straight on his ass.
Less people will die.
People will die. Obviously psychopath killers will continue to exist. But less people than a bunch of unarmed untrained civilians for sure.
Instead of everyone running to save their lives, people will be mob hunting this one crazy faggot who started a gun-fire.

Again, a lot of things could go wrong. If everyone is armed and everyone starts shooting up, there will be total chaos.
But if everyone was trained like the military, wouldn’t that be more organized?
Alternatively you could train and arm some volunter teachers like I mentioned last night. Much better than having them sacrifice their lives defenselessly to save all the kids.

In Syria, young adults join the military and serve for a few years.
In America, you could adjust the age to teenagers. Teenagers get military training to defend themselves.
Again, this is not a perfect solution. Kids are supposed to study in school. Not worry about survival.
Then again, if kids have the time to throw stupid tantrums and bitch about Donald Trump on camera, have sex with multiple partners in the washroom, twerk to stupid rap songs and eat tide pods for an internet challenge, I think kids have the time to learn self-defense.

The root cause of the problem is not guns or gun laws. It’s people. It’s the society. It’s these mentally ill nutjobs who aren’t put in cages early enough, with shitty lives and high sense of privilege, who think they deserve attention and recognition for being losers.
Elliot Rodger. Remember that fucking guy? “Boo hoo! Nobody wants to fuck me! I’m still a virgin! waa waa waa!”
Hae you noticed that these nutjobs always leave tell-tale signs and trails of mental issues ending in an open final threat?
Crazy white virgin losers. School dropouts. Dumb as shit. And mad at the world for their first world problems.
Bet if you were in Africa you wouldn’t be bitching about your privileges stupid faggot. You’d be thankful for your bowl of porridge and boiled maize - that’s the entire meal of the day.
And guess what? In Africa, black lives don’t matter. White lives don’t matter. No lives matter! If you’re even suspected of being a nutjob, you’ll be shot dead in broad daylight. There will be no investigation. There will be no marching or protesting on the streets. And nobody will give a fuck if you’re dead.
Why don’t these losers kill themselves? Go ahead and commit suicide. Jump off a bridge. Slits your wrists. I don’t give a fuck. But don’t go around shooting innocent people who want to live. They’re happy with their lives. They have plans, they have goals, they have dreams. If your life sucks, that’s not their fault. Why the fuck are you punishing them?
Just because you’re a nutjob loser who hates his life doesn’t mean everyone should drown their ass in your sorrow.
People have got shit to do. They don’t have time to die for your pathetic sorry ass.
So either seek help or put yourself out of misery. Leave others out of it.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe he said nutjobs should kill themselves!”
I believe everyone over the age of 14 in America has some sort of internet access and social media presence.
And I think every sensible human being is born with enough compassion not to hurt others. Definitely not kill them.
If you lack that compassion, that humanity, then seek help immediately. Check yourself into a mental institution. Tell them you’re sick in the head and you’re having violent thoughts of killing other people.
Anyone who’s 17 and above knows about the 1-800 hotlines for suicidal thoughts and so on.
If you have the presence of mind to plan articulately the deaths of innocent kids, I think you have enough common sense to be able to seek professional help.
These nutjobs chose the evil path. They chose to take innocent lives. I’d rather they took their own lives.
That’ll save the grief of thousands of people and spare the resources that would be wasted on these useless good-for-nothing scumbags when they are apprehended.

One more thing - all these alerts the FBI and cops recieved and no action was taken.
Aren’t you surprised?
We’re living in a surveillance world. You have to censor everything you say on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else. There’s cops watching for keywords, FBI agents, CIA agents, NSA agents, all watching your online posts.
The government has got eyes everywhere.
They received more tips than a snitch who ratted out his gang.
And they ignored it all.
Know what I think? I think the government has got all these eyes up it’s ass. Shoved deep inside the shit hole.
Can’t post a pepe meme without triggering some retarded agent. Yet this crazy punk posted guns and threats all over his social media and not a single officer gave a fuck.
They’ve got eyes on the wrong leads, focused on the wrong people and failed to stop all school shootings so far.
In fact, they’ve failed to stop most major crimes even with all the information gathered beforehand.
Surveillance is a failure. Can’t stop crimes. It’s just a tool to control people. To falsely arrest innocent civilians who speak out against the bullshit mess the government has generated.
There’s probably some agent fuming over the facts in this article.
Suck a dick.

I’m done.
I don’t think I sweared as much as I thought I would at the beginning of this rant.
If anyone got triggered, hold your horses. This was a relatively calm and logical rant. Definitely better than some bald headed lesbian and retarded Democrats screeching about Trump on Fake News CNN and twatter.