2. The Death of Tor Messenger

It’s Sunday, 8th of April, 2018.

Tor Messenger is an XMPP client that was derived from Instantbird in 2015, with OTR support.
Similar to Pidgin but easier to setup and use.

Just learned yesterday that Tor Messenger has been buried by the Tor Project.
Reasons being, metadata problems and few developers to update the codebase and implement new features requested by the users.

The last official version was Tor Messenger 0.5.0b1 released on 28th Spetember, 2017.

It’s sad that Tor Messenger never got off the beta stage.

They say they’ve ported the chat features and XMPP support to Thunderbird.
I don’t use Thunderbird because I don’t need a local email client on my netbook. Besides, the download size is too fucking huge for the simple task it’s supposed to be doing.

I like options.
This is planet motherfucking earth and shit happens. I’d rather go to a loo with running water and toilet paper than rush in and take a dump only to find the tap’s dry and ain’t no toilet paper in this motherfucker.
With that analogy in mind, can the nerds develop some new alternatives or at least independently update the tor messenger from it’s source code?
Privacy-oriented please. Don’t need fancy UI’s that leak all the plaintext and metadata to the glowing niggers.

R.I.P. Tor Messenger.