3 - Cloudflare shills - STFU

It’s 25th April, 2018.

beep! beep! beep!
Warning: The following content is rated F666EVPGMA for ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKS GIVEN. If you can’t face the facts, close this tab and have a nice day!
beep! beep! beep!

I like watching YouTubers not because they have great content, but to keep up with the amount of shilling these fucking faggots do for shekels while misleading their cocksucking fanboys.

LinusTechTips is one channel for great tech shilling content. It is entertaining. But I’d like to call out some BULLSHIT when I see it.
Need to make your internet faster? Change your DNS to Cloudflare’s, Linus says.

The Government and Corporations have never given a single fuck about people.
But when a large number of people speak out and express their rage against dictatorship, corruption and corporate greed, the Government and Corporations will eventually release statements and hold press conferences and congress hearings that will eventually amount to BULLSHIT.
They’re not speaking up because they care about your ass. They’re speaking up to save their hides whilst taking advantage of the opportunity to gain the popularity vote.

Cloudflare has never given a fuck about your privacy. They never will.
Cloudflare doesn’t give a rat’s ass about free speech. WHAT FREE SPEECH? Shut the fuck up moron, and don’t you dare say a word against them! launched on 1st April. Coincidence?
I think not.
I think someone at the NSA club of nerdy niggers came up with this idea as a joke.
Pitched it to their take-it-up-the-ass partner Cloudflare and they absolutely loved it.
Yeah. They’re deleting logs every 24 hours after the NSA has siphoned all the data to their Utah datacenter.
Yes, they can’t tell who surfed which website BUT THE GLOWING NIGGERS CAN DO IT.

Makes your internet faster.
Ain’t that some bullshit!

If you want privacy, there’s better DNS providers out there.
If you want faster internet, get some faster fucking subscription.
Internet ain’t free yet!

Bet there’s some fucking retard questioning me because of “racist”, “vulgar” and “abusive language”.
I’ve seen idiots chewing tide pods.
Buy yourself a pack.
Bon appetit motherfucker.